#A92 KSav blesses us with a cold HB Freestyle

Posted on: December 23rd, 2021

A92 is an Irish collective formed from previously solo artists in 2020 with 7 members including this weeks HB Freestyle contender, KSav. The incognito rapper represents for his hometown Drogheda wearing his renowned gold mask, something KSav says he will not be removing anytime soon. 

KSav, like many of the other members in the team, incorporates a mixture of Irish and Yoruba in his music, creating their own unique sound that sets them apart. Drill is an increasingly popular genre that is now hugely influenced by foreign culture and relatable experiences – the group are putting Ireland on the map as well as staying true and authentic to themselves by embracing their Nigerian culture in their music. 

Even with an accent, KSav has a distinctive tone of voice, his unapologetic bars and variation of flows mean you can’t mistake him. Although A92 shot to success during the lockdown, the group stayed consistent with their releases and have a steadily growing 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, with KSav having over 283 thousand monthly listeners singularly. 

 A92’s ‘Plugged in Freestyle’ is one of, if not the, biggest song of theirs thus far – currently sitting on 38 million views on YouTube, the track went viral across TikTok with a myriad of big names posting the song and even peaked top 5 in the Irish Homegrown charts, as well as being listed in the top 40 UK Singles charts. 

Although music was released prior to 2020, he has shown in the last year that he has the bars, the clarity and the talent to grow further and we look forward to seeing what KSav does in the next year. 

You can watch/listen to KSav’s HB Freestyle here: 


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