Big Jest teams up with Hardest Bars for highly anticipated short film

Posted on: January 4th, 2022

Big Jest is a rapper, actor and content creator hailing from South West London. He is well known for the short stories that he posts on his social media pages which are released in the form of music. One of his most popular stories ‘Rap and Drill’ has blown up on TikTok reaching over 17 million views on the platform and over 250, 000 Spotify streams.

He has teamed up with Hardest Bars to make the biggest production of the series yet. Featuring some familiar faces like Mular Juice, DTG, Artan, Bailey LDN and more – they have added another episode to the Rap and Drill series which fans are already excited for, after Jest recently dropped the trailer on his social media pages.

Whether it be female related or problems on the roads, the Rap and Drill stories show how the main character Dre always finds himself in situations that are distractions to his music career. Dre is trying to balance music and road, but he proves that it’s never that simple. With crazy plot twists all throughout the episodes, you see Dre touch on cheating, being snaked by close friends, snitches and diss tracks whilstcleverly constructing them into a song, always making sure to end the episodes on cliff-hangers to keep us wanting more.

Big Jest usually acts out every character alone, records and edits the episodes on his phone and although they are so well structured, the fans have been asking for a properly produced version and their prayers have been answered, with actors and professional film crews all making this an unforgettable episode.

The 8th episode of the widely sought-after series Rap and Drillwill be released on 2nd Jan 2022 via Link Up TV so make sure you save the date; this is one you don’t want to miss.