Blocka brings Bradford to the booth

Posted on: August 14th, 2021

Bradford star Blocka joins the list of talented artists who have dropped a HB Freestyle with Joey Clipstar on the third season of the show. Blocka has a passion for real rap and you can hear it in his relentless tone and gritty lyrics. He effortlessly delivers a cold freestyle, as he delves into his street background over a bassy rap beat.

Although his key genre is real rap, Blocka is able to get a crowd hyped and possesses great stage presence. This has been proven as he has been asked to perform in a number of night clubs and events supported by artists such as Pak-Man and JJ Esko. When conversing regarding the crossover of genres, he exclusively tells the Hardest Bars team “I listen to all types of music. I wouldn’t say I’ve got a specific genre that I only listen to, if it’s hard it’s hard”.

Some may recognise Blocka from a feature he did with G Bugz a few months ago called ‘Hustle So Hard’ posted on Link Up TV which has accumulated an impressive 2.5 million views and still climbing. Alongside this feature, his own solo songs such as his most recent one ‘Busy With The Fiends’ (also posted on Link Up Tv) has reached nearly 500K views in just one month.

Blocka also tells the Hardest Bars team “in the next 5 years I hope to see progression from where I am now. Not just in music but overall in everything”. The great thing about discovering artists when they are in the early stages of their career, is that you get to grow with them and appreciate the development. Blocka was releasing freestyles to his Instagram page in 2016 and has now reached platforms like Hardest Bars – which proves that with consistency, talent and substance, the only way is up.

You can watch/listen to Blocka’s HB Freestyle here:


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