Bryn takes the first female spot on Season 3 HB Freestyles

Posted on: November 12th, 2021

This week, Joey Clipstar brings through the first female artist of Season 3 HB Freestyles – Bryn. South London born Bryn, performs an energetic freestyle, full of life and cheeky punchlines. Some have compared Bryn’s sound to UK rapper Ardee and she addresses this in her freestyle saying, “compare me to Cardi, not Ardee I’m hardly just starting”.


Bryn first started off doing Instagram ‘mash ups’ where she would put her own charismatic spin on her favourite songs by incorporating a mix of her rapping alongside her singing.Many of the artists she would cover reposted her videos or showed love which really gave her the seal of approval and helped to grow her audience by thousands per video!

She has a confident personality with amazing stage presence and really is the epitome of a triple threat. After years of being consistent with her Instagram covers and attending small performances, she started releasing her own music and kept pushing which eventually earnt her a spot on Krept and Konan’s show The Rap Game UK.

Bryn is the epitome of versatile – she writes songs, she can sing ballads, she can do drill and in recent times, has shown that she has perfected the melodic flows too. She also loves to dance, as seen from her music videos like “21 Freestyle”, all the way to her performances at big festivals like Wireless & Reading and Leeds.

Bryn says her influences are Tupac, Snoop and Biggie and loves East and West coast rap. She has collaborated with the likes of Yung Fume, Suspect and American artist Dreezy. Each video she releases gains thousands of views, whether it has features or if it’s a solo song. She has over 3 million views across her YouTube videos and has really cemented her spot in the industry.

You can watch/listen to Bryn’s HB Freestyle here:

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