Gotti Maras brings Belgium to the Hardest Bars booth in crazy freestyle

Posted on: December 6th, 2021

Gotti Maras is a Belgium artist that has been making some noise in the industry for the last year. The contagious energy Gotti has in this freestyle is crazy, even Joey Clipstar can’t help but bounce along to the sinister beat in the video. For those that do not understand Dutch, there are English subtitles for you to really take in the lyrics.



He raps about his lifestyle, frequently speaking on the streets hardships and his influence on the roads in Brussels. Gotti Maras doesn’t just stand there and rap, he is extremely animated and is full of character. The facial expressions and movements in this freestyle shows how confident he is and makes the lyrics even more believable.

Gotti Maras appeared in Top Chart that measures the best Belgium musicians and bands, remaining there for 15 weekswith his highest position noted being number 13. Gotti Maras is best known for his song ‘Bx Drill which has accumulatedan extremely impressive 6 million views in just one year. His ‘Bx Drill series have since gone crazy, with other episodes reaching over 1.5 million views.

He has been seen featured on growing French platforms such as WESH and Alohanews where he took them on a tour of his area and gave insight into his life. He also has interviews on SkyrockFM which is a Paris, France based radio station predominantly dedicated to mainstream rap and R&B.

Gotti has over 265K monthly listeners with fans all over the world. His HB Freestyle is his second UK platform appearance, however there are people from the UK who have already done reaction videos to his songs, showing that his audience is growing and will continue to do so.

What country should HB get in the booth next? Let the Hardest Bars team know your thoughts.

You can watch/listen to Gotti Maras HB Freestyle here:

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