Is This Bradford’s Most Talented Rapper?

Posted on: October 4th, 2021

As we reach nearer the end of Season 3 HB Freestyles, Joey Clipstar brings through an artist that goes by the name of G Bugz who is well known for being one of Bradford’s finest talents. He is the epitome of confidence in this freestyle and upholds his reputation with his effortless delivery and memorable punchlines.

G Bugz has been releasing music for some time, but this year he has recently been taking the scene by storm with his songs reaching millions of views within a few months. Due to the fact he has an accent (in conjunction with the quantity of rappers in London compared to other UK towns), G Bugz has that slight edge and this contributes to what makes the lyrics so plausible. 

G Bugz is a familiar face on the Link Up TV platform, posting fan favourites on there, such as ‘Hustle Hard’ ft Blocka (who also has also blessed the HB booth) which is currently sitting on 3M views and songs such as ‘Run Up’ and ‘Trapspot’ released only 3 to 5 months ago have also surpassed 1M views each. 

He structures his performance using two different, but punchy instrumentals. G Bugz is strongly remembered for the original real rap sound he favours alongside his hard-hitting lyrics. You can tell by Joey’s face in the visuals that G Bugz creates a vision for the listener through his words and receives respect due to his realness and relatability. 

Although he is well known in his hometown of Bradford, the love G Bugz receives comes from all over the UK. He had his first event performance this year which proves that his consistency and hard work is getting him the deserved recognition. We’re sure that this is not the last we will be hearing from Bugz.

You can watch/listen to G Bugz HB Freestyle here:


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