Malty represents for France in newest HB Freestyle

Posted on: October 30th, 2021

If you were locked into last weeks episode of HB Freestyles, you would know that Joey Clipstar took it global with his first Spanish artist on the platform. This week he maintains that momentum by introducing the first French artist on the show – Malty 2BZ.

Malty is another example that you do not have to understand the language to appreciate the music that is being created, although Joey helps us to really understand and anatomise his bars by adding lyrics to the video. The choice of drill beats, alongside the flows used are all relatable additions to Malty’s artistry. 

When it comes to Malty, the numbers speak for themselves. His popular ‘Drill’ segments are definitely a strong contributor to the attention he is receiving globally – for instance, fan favourite ‘Drill #2’ is currently sitting on 3.6 million views. Almost anything he releases touches millions of views and the scene are really starting to catch onto his wave, with many global artists and UK platforms now looking to work with him. 

As this is the 2nd week with a global artist on HB Freestyles, we are wondering who/what country will be featured next. Who would you like to see on the platform? 

You can watch/listen to Malty 2BZ HB Freestyle here:


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