NR returns for their highly anticipated second HB Freestyle

Posted on: December 23rd, 2021

HB Freestyles is back and this month, fans are in for a treat as CEO of Hardest Bars Joey Clipstar has
decided to do ‘December Doubles’, which sees the release of 2 episodes of HB Freestyles every week
rather than the usual 1. One half of the double this week is the trio Lucii, Tgzwala and YA (NR).

Lucii and Tgzwala featured on a previous season of HB Freestyles whilst still apart of their former
group Block 6, which is impressively one of the top 3 highest viewed freestyles on the show so it’s no
surprise to see the demand for them to return. Although YA was not in the original HB Freestyle, his
talent is undeniable and he’s a crucial member of the group. YA rakes up numbers on his own
releases, with his lyrical content being on par with the other two members, he is the perfect addition to the trio.


Lucii, Tgzwala and YA are well known for their nihilistic lyricism with frequent references to devil
worshipping, voodoo and hair-raising encounters they’ve experienced. In their new HB Freestyle,
they have the expected rebellious lyrics and hard-hitting flows, with Lucii even engineering the

sinister instrumental they’ve used.

Looking back at previous releases from the artists whilst in their former group, not 1 song dropped
wouldn’t reach millions of views, for example their Plugged in Freestyle (featuring Lucii and Tgzwala)
is currently sitting on a monumental 15 million views! NR are still reaching hundreds of thousands of
views within the first few months of their new journey so we can only imagine the growth in the new


Since departing from Block 6 and becoming part of their own collective, NR have been consistent
with the freestyles and releases and have all mentioned on recent social media posts, that they will
be keeping fans happy with content all throughout December. A lot of fans are asking the team to
bring back their ‘old flows’ and Lucii took to a recent interview and said “2021 I experienced the

commercial lane of things, but 2022 is when I bring the old Lucii back”.

You can watch/listen to NR’s HB Freestyle here:

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