Screama shuts down his HB Freestyle

Posted on: September 24th, 2021

Screama linked up with Joey Clipstar to delivers this week’s highly anticipated instalment on the 3rd Season of HB Freestyle’s. For some he may be a newly found artist, however those who are already fans of incognito rapper Screama, will know that the name speaks for itself as he is recognised generally for wearing the Scream mask. 

Part of the North London collective Ice City Boyz, Screama’s music is just an extension of his lifestyle. The stats are crazy with this artist and every tune dropped, Screama makes his verse his own. He ditches the Scream mask for his debut HB but remains unrecognisable wearing a camo face covering and shades, whilst spitting his menacing bars over a lively drill production.  

It’s historical to say that every song him and his team of up-and-coming stars release are guaranteed to accumulate hundreds of thousands of views in a short period of time. This goes to show with songs such as ‘Leader’ sitting on 321K in 2 months and popular song ‘Bestfriends’ has just under 700K views in 6 months. 

The lyrical range shown on every one of his releases demonstrates how he can discuss the antics in his life and translate it into musical art form. Talking with the Hardest Bars team, he tells them that his writing process is best in the studio by clarifying; “My favourite part about creating music is the studio, reason why is because I feel like I’m at home when I’m in there. When I’m in a studio, it brings the creative side out of me.”

You can watch/listen to Screama’s HB Freestyle here: 

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