Skinny Flex takes us global with a Spanish drill HB Freestyle 

Posted on: October 22nd, 2021

Joey Clipstar celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Hardest Bars not too long ago and has since then, consistently brought through talent on the show, every week, as per. The levels have been turned up with him taking this week’s show global, with Spanish rapper Skinny Flex. 

Despite the fact that he has only been releasing music for 2 years, Skinny Flex is not new to this. His song ‘Jordan Machas’ has more than 22 million streams on Spotify and over 17 million views on YouTube in just 7 months. Other fan favourites such as ‘Manualidades’ and ‘Sin Presion’ are also sitting on over 6 and 4 million views. Skinny Flex brings his own originality and style to drill, whilst continuing to pay homage to its Chicago roots and maintaining its authenticity, whilst choosing beats that are similar to the UK drill sound. 

As we all know, Drill music started in Chicago and has slowly made its way over to other countries in most recent years. At first, drill was popular and heavily dominated by America and the UK – two predominately English-speaking places, however we now see different countries bring their own twist to the genre which helps to really magnify the influence the genre has globally. 

Although those who don’t speak the language will not be able to understand the majority of the lyrical content, what draws us in are the flows, vocal range and in some (like Skinny Flex’s) case, if they are bilingual. The familiarity of the drill instrumentals alongside the lyrics we may not understand are what creates their unique buzz. What makes Skinny Flex’s videos so intriguing, is the other sense of familiarity in him showing his lifestyle and the more urban side of Spain. It paints a clear picture of what his lyrical content involves – should you not speak the language – making him more appealing and relatable to his audience. 

You can watch/listen to Skinny Flex’s HB Freestyle here:

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